Streaming Video Is Changing the Face of TV

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Online video is certainly changing the face of broadcast and pay TV, but is it changing it fast enough?

Why can't I get pay TV channels unbundled? asked the moderator, Greg Sandoval of CNET, to a Streaming Media East panel on streaming video's impact.

"I get this question everyday, every single day," laughed Hans Deutmeyer, a vice president with HBO. "We've looked at the economics, we've run the numbers over and over again, and it still seems to make sense to follow the TV Everywhere Model."

But for Andrew Kippen, vice president of marketing for Boxee, the old school way working ignores the needs and financial realities of young adults.

"If I'm a 23-year-old and I've just graduated college...I use the Internet for everything. I'm not going to go pay $85 a month, or however much it is -- that's the average cable bill a month -- I'm not going to pay that just so I can get HBO," Kippen said...

Posted on 26 May 2011, 18:19 - Category: News
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