Computers can 'see' people's dreams

A computer can predict what you're dreaming about based on brain wave activity, new research suggests.

By measuring people's brain activity during waking moments, researchers were able to pick out the signatures of specific dream imagery ó such as keys or a bed ó while the dreamer was asleep...

Posted on 4 Apr 2013, 19:11 - Category: MindScans
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White House pitches brain mapping project

President Obama pitched a human brain research initiative on Tuesday that he likened to the Human Genome Project to map all the human DNA...

Posted on 2 Apr 2013, 19:31 - Category: MindScans
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One rat brain 'talks' to another using electronic link

Scientists have connected the brains of lab rats, allowing one to communicate directly to another via cables.

The wired brain implants allowed sensory and motor signals to be sent from one rat to another, creating the first ever brain-to-brain interface...

Posted on 1 Mar 2013, 21:36 - Category: MindScans
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How neuroscientists are hacking into brain waves to open new frontiers

Neuroscientists are following through on the promise of artificially enhanced bodies by creating the ability to "feel" flashes of light in invisible wavelengths, or building an entire virtual body that can be controlled via brain waves.

Posted on 17 Feb 2013, 22:24 - Category: MindScans
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Microsoft's virtual ecosystem aims to simulate the entire world

Microsoft Research is embarking on a highly ambitious project: A computational model of an entire ecosystem, from the soil itself to the creatures that live on it...

Posted on 25 Jan 2013, 10:30 - Category: MindScans
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Can Technology Make You Happy?

Yes, and it can make your office a better place to work, too...

Posted on 29 Dec 2012, 12:49 - Category: MindScans
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Brain-controlled helicopter takes mental concentration to new heights

A toy helicopter controlled by nothing but brainwaves could be available to the public just in time to hover under this year's Christmas tree...

Posted on 28 Nov 2012, 20:26 - Category: MindScans
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Brain Scans Used To Determine Content Of Dreams

Canít remember what you dreamt about last night? Never fear, because a team of Japanese researchers has reportedly discovered a way to determine what thoughts are going through a personís mind about while they sleep...

Posted on 7 Nov 2012, 12:58 - Category: MindScans
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MindScan Official Full Trailer Released!

More at

Posted on 12 Sep 2012, 13:05 - Category: MindScans
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Pesky germ inspires first complete 'virtual organism'

Scientists reconstruct sexually transmitted bacteria through computer simulation.

A microbe that causes sexually transmitted infections now has a much more awe-inspiring claim to fame: It has become the first organism to be completely simulated by a computer model...

Posted on 21 Jul 2012, 14:26 - Category: MindScans
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