Steven Spielberg: Big tickets, big budgets make film industry 'implosion' imminent

Movie ticket prices have long been a subject of grumbling among theater-goers, who have balked (but paid) for years as admissions rose ever higher into the double digits. But as two of Hollywood's leading directors recently noted in a panel discussion, it's likely to get a lot worse...

Posted on 17 Jun 2013, 15:18 - Category: Movies
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The Art of Steadicam

Invented by Garrett Brown in the early 70's, the steadicam shot -- or 'steadishot' -- has become one of the most dynamic and exciting forms of cinematography and is one of the most engaging visual techniques in a filmmaker's storytelling arsenal...

Posted on 7 Jun 2013, 12:43 - Category: Movies
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Hollywood movies may be too dumb for China

Blockbusters like 'Iron Man 3' battle more subtle Chinese fare as audiences choose plot and complexity over explosions and 3-D.

...The film studios blame the Chinese government, which imposed a two-month blackout of foreign films last year when they began making too much money and offered theaters a bonus for showing domestic films, according to The Times. Local film critics, however, note that the Chinese moviegoer isn't all that taken with the explosion-laden, CGI-painted blockbusters that drive revenue-boosting add-ons like IMAX (IMAX +0.18%) and 3-D showings. "Lost In Thailand," for example, took in more than $200 million last year and drew more moviegoers than "Avatar" did during its run in China.

Critics and industry analysts note that Hollywood's one constant in China is its repeated underestimation of the college-educated Chinese moviegoer...

Posted on 24 Apr 2013, 13:21 - Category: Movies
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Roger Ebert's Top 20 Best- and Worst-Reviewed Films

Posted on 5 Apr 2013, 11:12 - Category: Movies
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Paramount Settles Massive Fraud Lawsuit With Finance Partner

Financiers who put up $375 million for such films as "Mission: Impossible III" and "Transformers" via the Melrose II slate alleged they hadn't seen a dollar of profits...

Posted on 15 Jan 2013, 11:38 - Category: Movies
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Best and Worst Movie Posters 2012

A great movie poster should sell the movie and make you inscribe the film's opening date in your mind. Admittedly, some of these posters, even the good ones, fail at that. Some are stunning but don't even display the film's title, and may not have brought in one extra ticket sale. That's the studio marketing department's problem, not ours. We're voting just on style here, not substance...

Posted on 1 Jan 2013, 1:47 - Category: Movies
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20 Top Grossing Movies of 2012

World-saving heroes won the box office in 2012. Joss Whedon's ensemble superhero "The Avengers" took the top spot, followed by Christopher Nolan's final Batman film "The Dark Knight Rises" and Sam Mendes' James Bond pic "Skyfall."...

Posted on 31 Dec 2012, 13:34 - Category: Movies
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'Project X' Most Pirated Film of 2012

The year saw several blockbusters hit the multiplexes, but the most downloaded film of 2012 was one that slipped under the radar: Project X...

Posted on 29 Dec 2012, 12:52 - Category: Movies
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2012's Biggest Movie Turkeys

Here are the ten biggest box office turkeys of 2012 so far. We used numbers from Box Office Mojo to compile our list. Box office returns are global. Production budgets are estimates. In order to make a profit, a film has to earn at least twice its production budget at the box office...

Posted on 15 Nov 2012, 11:41 - Category: Movies
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Watch Over 15 Minutes of Behind-the-Scenes Footage From ‘Skyfall’

You’ve probably noticed by now that Sam Mendes‘ Skyfall is building some seriously amazing buzz, with ecstatic praise heaped on everything from the cinematography and action choreography to the acting and storytelling. On the plus side, that makes the film’s impending release that much more exciting...

Posted on 24 Oct 2012, 9:02 - Category: Movies
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