Bombs away! Biggest movie flops

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Remember 'The Adventures of Pluto Nash'? 'From Justin to Kelly'? 'Battlefield Earth'? Neither do we. Sometimes, movies are surrounded by so much media buildup before their release, and then - womp, womp, womp - they just can't live up to the hype ... 'THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO,' 2011: In 2011, You couldn't go anywhere without hearing about the Daniel Craig/Rooney Mara remake based on the high-successful Swedish version. Sadly, not even Mara's nipple piercing for the role could entice audiences to shell out $13.50. The flick only made $13 million its opening weekend, and considering it cost nearly $90 million to make, it's not looking good for Lisbeth Salander. 'A debut of $13 million over the holiday season is equivalent to a lump of coal, especially for a film that brings along this much fanfare,' Jeff Bock of Exhibitor Relations told E!online...

Posted on 13 Jan 2012, 19:55 - Category: Movies
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