Summer movies 2013: Fantastic or fatiguing?

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"I'm glad it's almost over," the longtime reviewer and "Movie Guide" author tells CNN in a phone interview. "The movies get bigger and dumber every year, and we're subjected to more remakes and sequels. None of which means that they can't be good -- and occasionally they are -- but this has not been a very fortuitous season."

He wasn't alone in this belief. Audiences felt the same way: Many of this summer's big-budget franchise flicks -- the so-called "tentpoles" -- fell like redwood trees toppling in a forest, earning generally poor reviews and equally mediocre box office despite their blockbuster costs and wall-to-wall marketing efforts.

You know the list: "After Earth," "Pacific Rim," "White House Down," "Elysium," "R.I.P.D." and, particularly, "The Lone Ranger," which grossed $88 million domestically (through August 25) on its $200 million-plus budget and could cost Disney a $190 million writedown...

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